Monday, Sep. 21, 2020: The 2020 Vail Outlier Offroad Festival is officially postponed until 2021. Just a week out from the event, we lost four of what we considered to be foundation brands for our inaugural North American Van Show, which was to be held in conjunction with our annual Vail Outlier Offroad Event.

The bike industry is actually on good footing at the moment as people turn en masse to bikes, boats, running shoes, dirt bikes, paddle boards, etc in order to “recreate-in-place.” Bicycle company demo programs are faring less well however. Most of them have been placed on hold until the pandemic passes and their managers furloughed or retasked.

We felt that the pairing of The Van Show with Outlier was a natural fit and a tidy solution in a difficult year, but with those four west coast-based expo teams (and their 12+ rigs) opting out due to the impacts of the fires burning there, we don’t feel as if we have a very good product to present to the public. We mounted an energetic last minute registration push, but in the end were unable to fill those slots.

It’s VERY important to produce an event that delivers on the Vail promise of excellence. Faced with the prospect of a lackluster showing, we’ve made the difficult choice to postpone the debut of The Van Show along with Outlier until the weekend of September 24, 2021.

These are difficult words to type and this decision was not made lightly, but ultimately, the pandemic, the wildfires plaguing the western US, and the closure of the Lionshead Gondola for maintenance during our event weekend were burdens too great for the events to overcome.

Thank you for your enthusiastic support these past several months. While we’re saddened by the need to make this choice, we’re excited about the prospect of having a little more runway at our disposal.

See you in 2021.


POC USA VerticalVAIL Challenge

Postponed until 2021


Outlier is the perfect storm of bikes, terrain and uber-fit downhill Jedi. So let’s see who’s got the chops and the staying power, huh? The VertiVail Challenge is simple – we wanna see who can log the most downhill vert on Friday. Then on Saturday. And then once more on Sunday. We have 6 categories set up each day and will declare the top descender in each category (according to lap count) each day. We’ll award prizes for the top rider in each category daily, plus the top male and female rider (the ones with the highest lap count for a single day once the lifts stop turning on Sunday) walk home with $500 each. Competition runs from 10am-4pm daily.

Preregistered entrants receive a VertiVail Challenge tee and a $15 meal card, plus entry into the event for one day and uphill access for ONE day. Want to enter for more than one day? No problem – just let us know! Grab your pals and ride for some eternal bragging rights.


Simple – check in at the VertiVail check-in tent at the bottom of each run. Your laps and vert will be recorded by our staff and tracked in real-time over the course of the day. Wanna track your results? Click HERE. Entry fee is PER day. Ride Friday, Saturday or Sunday, or ride them all (but you need to register for each day that you ride).

Categories & Registration

We’ll award prizes to the top finisher (the person who logged the most laps in a single day) in each of the following SIX categories.

  • Men 14 & Under
  • Men 15-18
  • Men 19-39
  • Men 40+
  • Women 18 & Under
  • Women 19+

Registration is $50 (daily). You can ride one day or all of them for that per-day fee. It includes a VertiVail tee and $15 meal card.

We’ve got $500 each for the man and woman who post the highest single-day lap count. We’ll accept entries from Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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